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Giving More And More by Yvonne Halling

Reading Judith’s post about making a difference by being an entrepreneur really struck a chord with me and got me thinking about my own small contribution to a better world.

In the spirit of community where I own and run my B&B, my philosophy is simple. I learn the techniques required to attract guests to my B&B which means I can pay my bills and live a great life. But what’s even more meaningful to me is how that helps others around me.

When I attract more guests, I buy more bread and croissants from the local bakery. When guests want to have dinner here, I buy more meat from the local butcher. When guests show up unexpectedly, I can always pop down to the local grocery store to pick up a few vegetables or fruit for breakfast, where the quality of their locally grown produce far exceeds that of the local supermarket.

Yes, all these independent shops are more expensive than the supermarket for sure. But it’s not only about price. When you take into account the time I don’t waste, the petrol I save, the CO2 I don’t emit and the lower maintenance on the car, then I suspect it’s even cheaper to shop locally and certainly makes good sense.

When the restaurant is open, I can encourage more guests to book a table there. For those champagne lovers who are seeking something new and relatively unknown, I can recommend small independent champagne producers who I know personally and who I know will welcome our guests. When guests are looking for local attractions, I can recommend many.

On the other side, I am able to employ 3 part-time human beings who help me take care of the cleaning, the gardening and the accounts. I can use the services of the local laundry too.

So in my own small way, I feel that I contribute to the local economy and lifeblood of my community and that does not carry a price tag. It simply feels good and it feels right.

Last year I took this philosophy one step further and created an App called “Champagne Day” so that I could help more people in my community reach more people by giving them time and space on a global platform to share their passion and their message.

What could YOU do?

Yvonne owns and run Les Molyneux, Bed and Breakfast in the heart of the Champagne region, and helps fellow B&B owners to grow their businesses using online technology.  BedAndBreakfastInChampagne.com


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  1. EntrepreneurSoul says:

    Really glad you liked my post, Yvonne. And thanks so much for yours in reply. It really gets us all thinking, doesn’t it? I think it may even be more important when one is new (ish) to a community like you are in France. Far too many who go to live in France keep at least one foot in Blighty, non? J

  2. They do indeed Judith, and that’s a great loss to both parties.  When you choose to live in someone else’s country, you must be prepared to meet them more than half way.  It takes effort, but when you do, you’ll get more than half back :-)

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