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Entrepreneur Astrology w/c Monday 18th February 2013

Entrepreneur Soul Astrology

Aries (21 March-19 April) You’re looking at life through a fog or at best rose-coloured glasses and themes of uncertainty and ambiguity dominate. Indulge your imagination but reserve this period for planning and investigation rather than out-and-out action. The wheels begin to turn again mid-March when you can see the way forward more clearly. Until then, patience is required. Taurus (20 April-20 May) Your ability to keep the boat steady and hold firm to your vision is in marked contrast to other team-mates or people you work with. Good old […] Read more »

Messing Up and Fessing Up in Business by Marion Ryan


What’s the biggest cock up you ever made in your business?  Can you share?  Or have you buried it firmly in the back of your mind, along with the time you made an utter idiot of yourself singing drunken Irish rebel songs at an upmarket wedding, and are still in denial that any of it ever really happened? Messing up in business can be dirty, embarrassing, painful and expensive.  Did I mention the time I made an over-long presentation on life coaching to a roomful of women enjoying a spa […] Read more »

Online Marketing Initiatives and List-Building by Judith Morgan


During January and February, I am participating in a list-building experiment with a US marketing expert. She asked me if I would contribute a free gift worth at least $97 so I went off and invented one and Marion helped me to create a beautiful opt-in web page for it with a nice shiny new graphic. And I started to follow the expert’s marketing plan at the end of January as requested. I’m a good girl me and though I won’t be top of the class, I’ve played my part […] Read more »

Entrepreneur Astrology w/c Monday 11th February 2013

Entrepreneur Soul Astrology

Aries (21 March-19 April) Prioritise work you’ve been avoiding and ensure finances are shipshape before next week. Same goes if you have an intention to meet the boss or wish to contact an influential person who can help you. Either do it now or wait instead until mid-March when new information will come to light. Other than that, Mars in Pisces is urging you to slow down. Taurus (20 April-20 May) Saturn’s square to Venus at the beginning of the week signals a reality check. There’s no point rushing work, […] Read more »

Ka-Ching, the Sweet Sound of Business Simplicity by Marion Ryan


There are times I want choice and lots of it, thank you.  In the supermarket, on Amazon and in a favourite restaurant. Not that I necessarily want to scratch my head in front of 23 different varieties of ketchup but that I have a very specific idea of what I’m looking for and want to be able to buy it.  And Amazon, I go there because I need a certain book or at least a particular topic and it’s got to be on Kindle, cost under a tenner, and nothing […] Read more »

Where’s Your Business Time Really Spent? by Marion Ryan

time and clocks

What do you do?  I don’t mean what business are you in but what do you actually spend your time doing? I’m not talking here about how your waking day pans out, between working, travelling, self care and home life.   Don’t get me started on that old chestnut.  We are well aware of the difficulty for us home-based entrepreneurs – even more for those of us who are also parents or carers – in juggling our way through our day. I’m more interested right now in what you do […] Read more »

Entrepreneur Astrology w/c Monday 4th February 2013

Entrepreneur Soul Astrology

Aries (21 March-19 April) Your ruler Mars is swimming in Neptune’s realm for the next six weeks and a novel approach to work is needed. Feel your way forward and take it easy when you can. Your unconscious mind is powerful so be careful what you wish for as you manifest your hopes and dreams. Networking and the media are your friends; embrace them wholeheartedly. Taurus (20 April-20 May) A New Moon in your career sector on Sunday concludes a week that’s ripe with potential and brimming with new ideas. […] Read more »

Success Workout – What’s Your Business Fitness Plan by Marion Ryan


I’m pleased to report I’m back in the gym this week after a break of eight weeks.  December was a high pressure month in which my attention and time couldn’t stretch to everything that needed doing.  January has been about getting back into the business groove after a long indolent Christmas break.  And so I gave myself permission not to try and juggle every ball, put my togs away and focused on the immediate priorities of clients and paying my bills. Two things got me back into the gym.  First […] Read more »

Ideal Clients – How Do You Assess the People Who are Perfect to Work With?


Self-employed people and small business owners are always rattling on about how great it is to work for themselves.  We talk about the joy of setting our own hours – even when we know that we never worked this hard back in our old jobs.  We brag that we are doing work we would do for nothing – and sometimes when we look at how long a piece of work took to complete that is not so far from the truth after all. And we talk about getting to choose […] Read more »

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